New York to Allow Ten Percent COVID Surcharge at Restaurants

The New York City Council has approved a measure that will give restaurants the option to add a ten percent “COVID surcharge” to a diner’s check. The additional charge, should a restaurant choose to use it, will help the business cover any coronavirus-related costs it incurs while fulfilling the City’s strict guidelines. Making Ends Meet […]

Snowflake Makes History with Largest IPO of Any Software Company

It was more a blizzard than a flurry on Wall Street Wednesday, as Snowflake, the data cloud upstart, experienced the largest initial public offering of any software company in history. During its first minutes of trading, Snowflake soared over 130%, and while its IPO was worth $120, the stock opened at $245 on Wednesday. The […]

Mall Owners Try to Rescue JCPenney

The death of the department store has been a sad media narrative all year, as countless chains declared bankruptcy or insolvency against the coronavirus pandemic. Among the national brands filing for bankruptcy was JCPenney, the perennial mall anchor that had 800 national locations as of May.  But JCPenney may find its way yet. This week, […]

PayPal to Enter Point-of-Sale Finance with New Feature, “Pay in 4”

This year has seen the rise of point-of-sale financing, a modern alternative to credit card shopping that allows consumers to purchase items in several small payments instead of a lump sum. Want that new TV, but can’t afford it? Well, for 4 easy payments of $29.99, it can be yours! Two of the leaders of […]

Kodak Stock Dives Amid Loan Hold

It seems that what goes up at a shocking rate, must come down at a shocking rate. Kodak stock plunged 30% on Monday, after it had soared 2,757% just a few weeks ago. The drop comes after allegations of insider trading put their $765 million government loan on hold. Trading of Kodak was even temporarily […]

Shopify Teams Up With Walmart

Shopify, the Canadian e-commerce company, is moving to dethrone Amazon. This week, Walmart announced it will team up with Shopify to offer goods from Shopify’s one million business clients. This comes only a month after a deal was announced between the Ottawa-based platform and Facebook Marketplace. Shopify’s growing web of e-commerce partnerships now puts it in a strong […]

Quaker Says It Will Permanently Retire Racist Aunt Jemima Brand

It’s about time. Quaker Oats, the breakfast foods conglomerate, announced Wednesday that it would finally retire the Aunt Jemima brand after 130 years. For generations, the pancake batter and syrup brand used the image of an old minstrel character named Aunt Jemima, a variation of the “old mammy” archetype. The matronly black woman’s image has […]

Top 5 Corporate Contributors to Biden Campaign

Given the immense spectacle that is the road to the White House, campaigning in the U.S. in an incredibly expensive endeavor. But it’s important to take note of who is financing a political campaign, as it can shed light onto who has a candidate’s ear, and where a potential president’s priorities lie. This is a […]

Top 5 Corporate Contributors to Trump’s Campaign

The road to the presidential election is a highly expensive one, with candidates relying on millions of dollars in contributions to hold rallies, travel and buy advertising. Taking note of who is contributing to a campaign can help immensely in revealing what platforms the candidate will be emphasizing during their term. In the case of […]

Disney Springs Set to Reopen, with Strict Safety Standards

With the exception of its Shanghai resort, Disney’s theme parks remain closed across the world. But its largest branch, Disneyworld Orlando, is about to begin a phased reopening. On May 20th, Disney Springs, a shopping a dining complex adjacent to the main park, will open for the first time in months, as Florida lifts coronavirus-era […]