How Different Moods Affect Your Health

The things that make our lives colorful and fun are our emotions and our moods. But, for some people, they can also make life unbearable. Learning how to manage and cope with mood can help improve your quality of life. Some studies have even shown that certain moods are more conducive to learning and memorization. […]

The Benefits of Making Love

There are two activities that humans are programmed to do. The first one is to find food and eat. The second one is to have sex. Both fulfill the biological need to pass on our genes. make more copies of ourselves, and create genetically diverse and strong offspring. Eating gives us energy, while sex is […]

Why Do People Get Sicker During the Winter?

Do you ever wonder why people tend to get sick in the colder months? It’s not because cold weather makes you sick, it’s because several factors create the perfect storm for disease transmission. But cold itself doesn’t make you sick. Dry Weather As the temperature drops, so does the humidity. We also turn on indoor […]

What is the Elemental Diet?

The elemental diet is a special way of eating for people with serious gut issues. Unlike other diets, this isn’t something that you can just start on your own. Most people who go on the elemental diet do so under the strict supervision of doctors and nutritionists. What Do People Eat On This Diet? The […]

Benefits v. Harm of Marijuana

Marijuana is a plant with psychotropic properties. Smoke the leaves and you’ll find yourself floating high above your worries and anxieties. It’s no wonder that human beings all over the world have smoked this plant for thousands of years. Marijuana also has some analgesic properties and anti-nausea properties, making it a natural antidote for ancient […]

What is Your Sore Throat Trying to Tell You?

A sore throat is a symptom of many diseases, illnesses, and conditions. Finding out the reason for your sore throat can help you clear it sooner. Some may require a doctor’s visit; others only need a touch of TLC. Viral Infection (Cold/Flu) One of the first signs of a cold or flu is an itchy, […]

5 Random Health Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Who doesn’t love random health facts? We scoured the internet and read a ton of weird facts about the human body. In the end, we decided to share with you our favorite random health facts that you probably didn’t know. Red Stomach Did you know that when you blush, both your cheeks and your stomach […]

How to Tend to a Jellyfish Sting

A day out in the ocean takes a nosedive when jellyfish appear in the ocean. The only way to avoid getting stung is by getting out of the water. But what happens if you don’t move fast enough? If you take your medical advice from sitcoms, you might think that you have to pee on […]

Most Ridiculous Dieting Fads of the Last Century

Fad diets sell us the idea that if we do this (whatever “this” is), then we’ll lose weight. If you don’t read the fine print, this sounds great. But if you do, you’ll realize that most fad diets involve cutting calories drastically for a short amount of time. The result is fast weight loss followed […]

Top 5 Natural Stress Reducers

It’s no secret that people are feeling the stress these days. But chemical cures to stress often come with loads of undesirable side effects. So if you’re looking for some natural stress relievers, here are our top 5. Meditation Buddhist monks have trained themselves to calm their hearts and minds for years. In fact, some […]