Justin Bieber Encourages Fans to Open Up About Mental Health

Justin Bieber discussed his new documentary, Next Chapter. This is the star’s second fan update since the release of “Lonely”, a single inspired by his own mental health issues. The inspiration behind “Lonely” was meant to encourage people to open up about their mental health. In his darkest times he had fears that his suffering would […]

10 Halloween Traditions and Their Real Origins

October is a transition month. For farmers, this is a time to harvest and store crops for the winter. For the rest of us, pumpkin lattes and other warm, cozy, fire-side drinks start to pop up at local coffee shops. On the last day of October, kids and adults alike dress up in crazy costumes and […]

Scorsese Fans Can Win a Chance to Appear in His Next Film

scorsese, dinero, dicaprio

Ever wonder what it would be like to be directed by Martin Scorsese? You might be in luck. Hollywood stars Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, frequent collaborators with the celebrated director whose films include Taxi Driver and Wolf of Wall Street, took to Instagram Wednesday to announce an amazing opportunity for Scorsese fans. Anyone who donates to the “All-in […]

NBC to Release Theatrical Movies

Thanks to the ban on large gatherings in many cities, movie theaters are empty. What will happen to all those new releases that were supposed to come out? NBCUniversal has decided it is a better option to release selected new movies online for customers to stream. Four movies are in the line right now: Trolls World […]

2020 Oscars Recap

The 2020 Oscars went almost exactly as expected, except for a groundbreaking win many people did not have faith in the Academy to rightfully award. Parasite, directed by Bong Joon-ho, won best picture, making it the first international film to win in that category. Almost every other award went to the predicted winner, yet the night seemed […]

How Did Coachella Get Started?

Coachella is one of the biggest music / cultural festivals of our time. Not only do people and celebrities, who are also people, attend from all over the world, but the fashion and art from the festival often go on to set new trends. The origins of Coachella actually started almost 30 years ago in […]

Sesame Street Notables to Celebrate 50 years

sesame street

In the 50 years that Sesame Street has been around, the show has done more than teach children how to count and spell. Using friendly muppets, this kid’s show tried to address an array of serious topics, from 9/11 to racism. Of course, given the polarizing, and sometimes controversial nature of these topics, their attempts […]

Gen Z Spends More Time on YouTube than Netflix

The allure of YouTube and other streaming services As our world becomes smaller, thanks to things like the internet and social media, the way people entertain themselves has changed as well. In the 80’s there were VHS tapes, in the 90’s DVD’s, and the early 20’s was when digital/downloadable movies became available. In the last […]