Musk Says Gates Has “No Clue” When it Comes to Electric Vehicles

Big Tech’s billionaires are beefing. This weekend, the world’s fourth-richest man, Elon Musk, cast doubt on the superior knowledge of the world’s second-richest man, Bill Gates. After Gates suggested that electric trucks were not feasible replacements for long-haul petroleum-powered vehicles, Musk tweeted that the Microsoft founder “has no clue.” Big and Heavy Musk’s clap-back was […]

FAA Gives Amazon the Green Light for Drone Delivery

Amazon just got one step closer to near-instant delivery. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gave Amazon approval to operate its fleet of Prime Air delivery drones. The announcement is a milestone in the retail giant’s longtime effort toward unmanned delivery. The FAA says it now gives Amazon broad privileges to “safely and efficiently deliver packages […]

NASA Data Using AI Identify 50 Potentially New Planets

Recently, a team of researchers led by David Armstrong at the University of Warwick created a AI breakthrough. The team trained a machine-learning algorithm to identify planets outside our solar system called “exoplanets.” The algorithm quickly discovered 50 potential planets.  “Our models can validate thousands of unseen candidates in seconds,” the study’s authors wrote in the abstract to […]

Musk Reveals Update on Neuralink

Some of us are truly addicted to our phones. But could you imagine becoming truly symbiotic with your mobile device? The idea of connecting brain and machine has been a sci-fi fascination for ages. In last year’s HBO series Years and Years, one character even attempts to become “trans-human” by implanting a computerized plate directly into […]

Drones to Deliver Medicine

Having a drone deliver medicine seems like something out of a sci-fi movie, but believe it or not, it’s already happening today. Given the demand for delivery drivers in densely populated areas, remote and rural communities that need medical supplies are suffering, which has caused a demand for non-human delivery methods. In October 2019, the […]

Quantum Supremacy: How Supercomputers will Enhance Everyday Life

While it sounds like the stuff of dystopian science-fiction, quantum supremacy is actually a very real milestone for a super-computer. It’s achieved when such a processor can perform a calculation in a matter of seconds that would take a normal computer several years. Google recently claimed that its 54-qubit Sycamore processor achieved quantum supremacy when […]

Call Of Duty, Warzone Struggling To Solve Hacker Issue

Infinity Ward released their first ever Battle Royale game mode in the Call of Duty series on March 10th. We bet you’ve heard of it, it’s called Warzone. Shortly thereafter, the world went into a lockdown due to the coronavirus, and Warzone has quickly grown into one of the most popular ways for millions of […]

Alcohol Delivery Apps to Get You Through the Pandemic

Social-distancing measures may well continue for several weeks, and you may already be experiencing a cocktail of anxiety, stress, and boredom while copped-up in your home. But there’s a cure for all those ills and you can now order it directly from your phone! Keep reading for a round-up of the best alcohol-delivery apps to […]

How Astronauts Readjust to Earth Life

If you’ve been in space for a year, adjusting to life on Earth can be a painful, slow, and difficult process. Microgravity (meaning very little gravity) on the International Space Station means that the human body goes through changes that can be arduous to recover from. We evolved on Earth, not in space, so our […]