Quantum Supremacy: How Supercomputers will Enhance Everyday Life

While it sounds like the stuff of dystopian science-fiction, quantum supremacy is actually a very real milestone for a super-computer. It’s achieved when such a processor can perform a calculation in a matter of seconds that would take a normal computer several years. Google recently claimed that its 54-qubit Sycamore processor achieved quantum supremacy when […]

Call Of Duty, Warzone Struggling To Solve Hacker Issue

Infinity Ward released their first ever Battle Royale game mode in the Call of Duty series on March 10th. We bet you’ve heard of it, it’s called Warzone. Shortly thereafter, the world went into a lockdown due to the coronavirus, and Warzone has quickly grown into one of the most popular ways for millions of […]

Alcohol Delivery Apps to Get You Through the Pandemic

Social-distancing measures may well continue for several weeks, and you may already be experiencing a cocktail of anxiety, stress, and boredom while copped-up in your home. But there’s a cure for all those ills and you can now order it directly from your phone! Keep reading for a round-up of the best alcohol-delivery apps to […]

How Astronauts Readjust to Earth Life

If you’ve been in space for a year, adjusting to life on Earth can be a painful, slow, and difficult process. Microgravity (meaning very little gravity) on the International Space Station means that the human body goes through changes that can be arduous to recover from. We evolved on Earth, not in space, so our […]

IRS Sends “Soft Warning” to Crypto Holders

If you’re a cryptocurrency holder you can expect a letter from the Internal Revenue Service about your responsibility to pay taxes on income earned on those holdings. With the tax deadline pushed back until July 15th, there is still time to correct your filing. Who Will Receive Letters On July 26th, last year, the IRS […]

Possible Super-Earth at Closet Star

earth and super-earth

Proxima Centauri is the closest star to us. It orbits alongside another star called Alpha Centauri. Researchers studying the light given off by Proxima Centauri came up with the hypothesis that it has 2 super-planets in orbit. Proxima b was discovered in 2016 and Proxima c is the newest one to be theorized. While we […]

11,000 Scientists Give a Grim Warning on the Climate Emergency

Eleven thousand scientists from 150 countries just issued a warning of “untold suffering” resulting from climate change if humanity doesn’t act. This follows a similar letter, with a similar warning, issued by the scientific community in 2017. In the new letter, scientists say that despite 40 years of warnings, humanity has not made the significant […]

U.S. Couple’s Smart Home Hacked

Fox News reported that an incident took place earlier this month where the Westmoreland’s Google Smart Home system was breached. A hacker got into their system and started talking to the family via the camera in the kitchen, then started playing loud and vulgar music from the video system in the living room and cranked […]