Where is Prague and Why Is It Such a Popular Destination?

Are you ready to travel, digitally, to a new place? Let’s check out Prague! Where And What Is it? Prague is a city in the Czech Republic, in Central Europe. It’s the capital city and the 13th largest in the European Union. Due to its location, Prague has been and continues to be influenced by […]

Everything You Need is in San Diego

If you’ve decided to move to San Diego, well, good choice! This Southern California city has everything you need to live the good life.  Good Food San Diego is close to the Mexican border so there is no shortage of good Mexican and Latin cuisine there. The city rims the Pacific, so enjoy delicious, fresh […]

Best Hiking Locations on the Appalachians

The Appalachians start in Maine and reach all the way down to Georgia. This east coast mountain range was once as high as the Rocky Mountains, but have slowly weathered over time. Today, it features hundreds of trails, and we’ve found the best hiking locations for your next trip. Blood Mountain, GA Hike up 4,458 […]

The Top 5 Must-Visit Locations in Russia

For many people, Russia is a mysterious country that conjures up images of vodka, furry hats and bitterly cold winters that defeated some of history’s greatest armies. But there’s so much more to Russia than a handful of stereotypes. It’s full of beautiful, desolate places, as well as urban cities rich with culture. So, let’s […]

Visitor’s Guide to Vermont

Vermont is a great New England state to spend a few days, weeks or even years. It has picturesque mountains, beautiful fall leaves, and loads of outdoor trails for hiking. If you find yourself in Vermont, here are some of the top activities to do and sites to see. Cabin in the Woods Nothing says […]

The Best of North and South Dakota

Once upon a time, North and South Dakota were one territory. But geographical disputes over the capital city, along with cultural and population differences, led the Dakota territory to form two separate states. Despite their political separation, North and South Dakota are equal in their natural beauty. Plus, since they each have small populations, they […]

How to Safely AirBnB during COVID

Experts are recommending that people don’t travel. But if you have the bug to get on the road and experience a change of scene, there are ways to protect yourself. Renting a vacation rental or AirBnb might seem risky, but take the following steps to decrease your risk of catching or spreading COVID-19. Ask your […]

Down and Dirty Travel Destinations

Do you love adventure, action, and getting down and dirty? Well, for your next weekend getaway, check out some of these open-air places for some outdoor fun. Imperial Sand Dunes (ATV) Instead of taking your ATV out into the woods, try some sand dunes. Test your skills and the limits of your vehicle by flying […]

HBO Max to Stream Doc About America’s Most Dangerous Water Park

HBO Max announced it had acquired the rights to the documentary Class Action Park. The film details the real-life “Action Park,” a summer attraction in Vernon, NJ that, for a length of time in the 70s and 80s, was known as the most-dangerous water park in America. What Was Action Park? The notorious attraction faced near-constant […]

Welcome to the Jungle: 5 Jungles You Have to Visit

If you love seeing animals in their natural habitat, consider booking a trip to one of the world’s lush jungles. Warm climate and dense plant growth make these ecosystems the perfect home to countless living things. Here are the top 5 jungles around the world that you have to visit. Borneo Jungle Borneo, in Malaysia, […]