How Did Coachella Get Started?

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Coachella is one of the biggest music / cultural festivals of our time. Not only do people and celebrities, who are also people, attend from all over the world, but the fashion and art from the festival often go on to set new trends. The origins of Coachella actually started almost 30 years ago in 1993 with Pearl Jam and Ticketmaster feuding over venues.

A Brief Timeline

The first festival was held in Indio, California, in October of 1999. Even though the co-founders lost money (ticket prices for one day were $50). The festival made a comeback for one day in 2001 while from 2002 to 2006, Coachella was a two-day event. In 2007, it became a three-day event. Today, it is a three-day event that happens on two consecutive weekends in April.

Music and Now Art

Over the years, the art and fashion on display at Coachella has grown more and more outrageous. At first, the art and sculpture pieces were leftovers from Burning Man. But by 2010 budget increases allowed for original and commissioned pieces. Today, the art is just as much of a must-see as the music.

Going to Coachella

If you’re looking to go to Coachella, be ready to sit in front of your computer for the sale to start. This event usually sells out in about an hour. As for lodging, there are campsites available as well as more luxurious areas that allow you to get away from all the hubbub. 

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