Trump Attempted to Buy German Covid-19 Vaccine

CureVac, a German biopharmaceutical company founded in 2000, recently issued a statement that they would have a covid-19 vaccine ready to be tested within a few months.  Seeing that, President Trump made an offer to buy the rights to the vaccine exclusively for the US for “large sums of money” said to be a billion […]

IRS Sends “Soft Warning” to Crypto Holders

If you’re a cryptocurrency holder you can expect a letter from the Internal Revenue Service about your responsibility to pay taxes on income earned on those holdings. With the tax deadline pushed back until July 15th, there is still time to correct your filing. Who Will Receive Letters On July 26th, last year, the IRS […]

Retired Marine General John Kelly Defends Vindman

Recently, President Trump fired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman from the US National Security Council. From Trump’s perspective, Vindman was fired because he misreported his “perfect” July phone call to Ukraine President Zelensky.  In his defense at a Drew University event last Wednesday, The Atlantic reported Retired Marine General John Kelly, the President’s former Chief of […]

Top 5 Beaches with Colored Sand

Tired of boring white beaches with boring sand? Yeah, we are too. So we went hunting for some of the coolest, most colorful beaches around the world. Keep reading to find out which ones made our top 5 list! 1. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda – Pink Beach Usually, people think that sand is made out of […]

2020 Oscars Recap

The 2020 Oscars went almost exactly as expected, except for a groundbreaking win many people did not have faith in the Academy to rightfully award. Parasite, directed by Bong Joon-ho, won best picture, making it the first international film to win in that category. Almost every other award went to the predicted winner, yet the night seemed […]

Trump Fires Two Major Impeachment Witnesses

Last Friday, Donald Trump fired two major impeachment witnesses who had testified against him. Trump dismissed Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, top Ukraine expert at the National Security Council, as well as Gordon Sondland US Ambassador to the EU. Both decisions have been criticized as being politically motivated.  Vindman was removed from office because the President […]

Why Do Many Politicians Use Only Their First Name?

Bernie. Mike. Tom. Cory. Amy. Marianne. Tulsi. Beto. Julián. Pete. While it may sound like roll-call in a Kindergarten classroom, the above first names have all been used on official presidential campaign materials. But there’s nothing new about the practice. Lincoln built his image in the 1850’s as Honest Abe and Eisenhower campaigners in the […]

Gayle King Gets Ripped For Lisa Leslie Interview

Gayle King interviewed Lisa Lesile on CBS This Morning and some of her questions regarding the recently deceased Kobe Bryant have drawn criticism. Leslie was a good friend of Bryant, as they both played professional basketball in Los Angeles. Additionally Bryant became a true ambassador for the women’s game and WNBA which brought the two […]

The Origin of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. You might find this super commercial holiday to be rather annoying, especially if you’re single or in a low-romance, no-fuss relationship. But perhaps the history of this “day of love” will put a smile on your face. Like all commercialized holidays, the history of Valentine’s Day is one […]

Coronavirus Causing Economic Slowdown

Fears surrounding coronavirus have caused business shutdowns in China, sending ripples throughout the world. Chinese local governments are instructing people to stay home leading many businesses to shut down in anticipation of fewer customers. Disneyland’s Shanghai location shut its doors while Starbucks closed 2,000 of its 3,600 Chinese locations. McDonalds also closed number of its […]