Top 5 Indian Street Foods

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Delicious and affordable are two words that describe India’s street foods. Which ones are our favorites? Keep reading to find out!

Aloo Tikki

Aloo tikki is the Indian equivalent of a croquette. The ingredients are potatoes, coriander, and onions. The potatoes look like deep-fried hockey-puck disks. A good aloo tikki should be crispy on the outside and steaming hot and soft on the inside. 


Do you love fries in paper cones that you can eat while walking? Then you’ll want to try some bhelpuri. Puffed rice, rice noodles, masala, onion, and cilantro are all mixed together and put into a cone. It’s great as an appetizer or a quick snack.


Dosa is India’s version of a crepe. Savory and scrumptious, you can eat it plain or stuffed with some type of masala. Dosas usually come with coconut and mint chutney, and they’re common at food stands all over the country. 


Kulfi is India’s version of ice cream. It contains condensed milk, heavy cream, and evaporated milk, plus a cornstarch-water mixture for consistency. These different components make the texture of Kulfi different from the ice cream you’re used to, but it may be even more delicious.


Love fritters? Then you’ll love Pakora, (also known as Pakoda). A chickpea batter coats vegetables or meat, which is then deep-fried. To eat it, you can dip the pakora into a wide variety of sauces and chutneys available at the food cart.

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