What’s the Difference Between Blood Types?

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You’re flipping through a magazine and suddenly see a personality test based on your blood type. You start wondering, “What is blood type, and does it really affect my personality?” In this article, we’ll explain the science behind blood types and talk about any connection it might have with someone’s personality.

A, B, AB, O

Our red blood cells are covered with identifying proteins. These proteins are like signs to the immune system that say, “Hey! I belong in this body, don’t kill me!”

There are two proteins, A and B. If you have A-type proteins on your red blood cells, then you have type A blood. If you have B-type proteins, then you have type B blood. Some people have both types of proteins; these people have type AB blood.

Is it possible for someone to have no proteins, you may ask? Yes! These people have type O blood. While it’s often pronounced like the letter O, the marker is meant to indicate a zero. In other words, your blood carries zero proteins.


Along with the letter, blood type can be positive or negative. This results from yet another protein, called Rhesus factors, on the surface of red blood cells. If you have this protein, you’re positive. If you don’t, you’re negative. While scientists know that these proteins exist, no one is quite sure what function they serve.

Blood transfusion

Blood type signals to your immune system whether or not a given cell belongs in your body. Having the wrong type of blood in your body can cause your white blood cells to attack the new blood. People with A-type blood can only accept A or O type blood. Any B-type proteins will trigger an immune response. This is why people with AB type blood are called universal acceptors, as they can be given any type of blood and their bodies won’t reject it. People with type O blood, conversely, are called universal donors. Since their red blood cells don’t have any proteins, other immune systems will not reject type O blood.

When it comes to the Rhesus factors, giving a negative person positive blood will cause the immune system to respond. Therefore, people with a negative blood type must always receive blood from a negative person. So, if you’re O-negative, then your blood is in high demand!

Blood type personality

Unfortunately, while it might seem like a great life hack to figure out someone’s personality by simply taking a blood sample, there just isn’t any relationship between the two. Your personality is the result of thousands of neurological connections in your brain, not to mention the incalculable experiences that have shaped you. Blood type is simply an identification of proteins on your red blood cells. But if you want to make a difference and change someone’s life, you can always donate blood.

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